• Angie Harris

Why Would You Stick With One Stylist?

As we venture out into the unknown looking for the perfect stylist it can be a scary anxiety ridden task. Meeting a new stylist means starting from scratch with someone who knows nothing about your hair, the cowlick you have worked so hard to hide, the weird curl that sticks out from the rest of your bone straight hair, or how your color likes to pull red every. single. time... When you meet a new stylist you may have an idea of what you may like and the first meeting may not be exactly what you had in mind but you feel you have a connection and adjustments can be made or you decide to give the next one a shot until you find that one person who just happens to luckily get it exactly right the first time. Unless you are just plain unhappy more than likely this stylist can and will get it right it may just take a little more getting to know you! Did you know that experts say you should stick to a single stylist? Here's why:

They know what you like!

Once you find a stylist you connect with and they know and understand what you like and your quirky hair probs, it is likely you can sit in the salon chair relaxed and let them work their magic without giving it much thought. Your stylist knows your hair, how it likes to fall, and what styles would accentuate your best features, and are more comfortable giving you suggestions on how to complete your look. If you chair hop you are back at square one every single time.

They understand your hair needs!

Once you build a professional relationship with your stylist they know your hair needs. They know what treatments you need to nourish your hair, they know what cut doesn't work with your features, they know how certain colors perform on your hair, and they know that you trust them to give the best advice on how to improve the body, response, and health of your hair.

You can ask for hair-care tips!

Many new stylist will require you to have a consultation with them if you are new to their chair and most charge a fee for this service. With an established stylists you can get the best hair care tips completely free! You can text them with your ideas, ask their opinion on a style you would like recreate at no additional charge.

They adjusts their schedule for you!

Most stylists stay booked and clients need to book ahead to get an appointment. If you have a relationship with your stylist and have an urgent need for her services more than likely she will attempt to accommodate you rather than someone she has never seen before.

It's no secret they are the best free therapist!

Once you establish a personal relationship with your stylist it is no secret that they are the best listeners. Something about that salon chair and the comforting feeling about getting your hair played with almost always opens the door to lay it all out there. The salon is a place of self care and it should be all about you even if it is just for an hour!

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